I'm RoFlo (Robert H Flores) age 20 i love dinosaurs, aliens, animals, and mythical creatures, i'm an artist looking to become an animator and creature designer, and i'm a random mofo, just you watch :P
I love blue hair, i love girls of all sizes and shapes, and i have my own hairstyle, i'm not a nerd but i'm just as weird :P
wanna learn more? ask me stuff, i'm also on facebook and deviantart :)

I'm also dating tumblr user Horohoros aka Spookyhoros ; u ;





How to (not) protect you and your beloved from the rain with your school blazer.

what is this

I think is from GSNK, love

Bae we gotta watch this ; o ;


when ur playing FNAF and the right side door buttons stop working


if that’s your secret recipe, then by all means

five nights at freddy's theory: they dont think you're an endoskeleton.


now I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but there is a loose endoskeleton sitting in the back room just leaning on a table.


I have circled it in red . okay so we see that there. creepy ass metal skeleton with eyes that can see deep into your mother fucking soul.

now we also have the…

i think on the Wiki page it was confirmed by the creator that there were some details of the place’s dark past that were somewhat misconstrued by the phone guy, so some other dark shit is going on while phone guy misleads the player into whatever he believes is going on, so either he’s not 100% right or he’s trying to trick you into believing some false theory